Health Deformities
Are gross deformities the result of breeding for exaggerated breed features?  Your responses will be shared with AKC so that the board can stop the trend before it’s too late.

Dog Show Economics
Dog Shows make money for everyone but the dog show clubsTell us what your all-breed or specialty club does to generate more gate. Breeders, do you send your dogs out with a handler and if so, why? Handlers, how would you improve show venues and club income? And lastly, breeders, how do you sell your puppies?

Could too few USDA inspectors mean a huge $$$ inspection deal for AKC or HSUS?How
would you stop USDA/HSUS from seizing your show dogs, your private financial records, and gaining access into your home.

The Pantyhose Peeker
He’s obsessed with “shiny pantyhose” and women’s legs. Are handlers who show legs The pantyhose photograper loves dog shows where female handlers in short skirts show off pretty legs in stockingsinstead of dogs at risk? What form of attire do you think is appropriate at a dog show? With summertime dog show attire again generating controversy, give us your perspective on this subject.

Silky Terrier Tails
This Silky Terrier has a a natural (undocked) tailParent Club members file COE charges against top Silky breeders for failure to dock tails, lawsuit against STCA follows.  How does your club handle these issue?

Death By Malpractice
Every day dogs die from routine vet procedures and PetMeds. Help us protect dogs by sharing your veterinary experience gone wrong. Withhold names unless litigation filed/settled.

Purebred Dogs Today
Why are so many purebreds in Westminster Kennel Club Dog Showshelters? How to get the public to dog shows again? Are there no longer big wins
for the average breeder? Do Judges care less about adjudicating quality purebreds than patronizing handlers?

Bearding The BCCA
The Bearded Collie Club Board holes up in its den as members challenge violation of Club Bylaws. Susan Lybrand, BCCA President, forged her co-owner’s signature on a registration application and was suspended by AKC.  Do you think any breed club has a right NOT to remove a member who is suspended by the AKC?  What do your club’s Bylaws say?

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