Help us alert pet owners, share your loss in TheDogPress blog.

Help us alert pet owners, share your loss in TheDogPress blog.

It happens every day – dogs die from what owners percieve as a routine veterinary procedure and/or dispensed PetMeds.

Help us protect dogs by sharing your veterinary experience gone wrong. Veterinarian or Vet Hospital name withheld unless litigation filed/settled. Click to go to the story or comment below.


  1. Kristian Says:

    You are so awesome! I do not suppose I have read something like that before.
    So nice to find somebody with unique thoughts on this issue.
    Really.. many thanks for starting this up.
    This web site is something that is needed on the web,
    someone with a bit of originality!

  2. D-M Pendragon Says:

    December 2012 my bitch under went a C section at an ER Vet on a Sunday afternoon because after delivering there was one stuck. She was sent home the following day with out anti-biotics and without letting me know she should go to her regular vet for additional surgery. She died 3 days later at another ER because she had a massive infection and had bled out internally. The original Vet appologized and said protocol would be changed and that they should have told me she needed additional surgery to stop the bleeding or they should have done it. They also admitted she should have had antibiotics.

  3. Catherine Gilles Says:

    I have been trying to leave my vet malpractice story but cannot seem to escape from this loop.
    Anyway, here goes. One evening a young Borzoi, that I had placed
    was rushed to a small town vet near the coast in S Oregon with symptoms of Bloat.
    The doc was called and came in from his home. Despite the new owner’s plea for an x-ray to verify that the stomach had turned, the doc passed a tube down the dog’s throat and decided that the dog was not in GDV, probably a pulled muscle . He gave the dog a strong sedative and sent him home. During the night the sedative wore off and the dog begain crying in pain and agony. The new owner had put her trust in this doc and despite my earlier admonitions to get the dog an x ray, she did nothing.

    The dog was dead by morning. The worthless doc opened up the dog post mortem and found that the dog’s stomach had ruptured in the night. This doc owns his own clinic near the coast in S Oregon and local rumor has it that he has a bit of a drinking problelm.
    Regardless, every year the local kennel club uses him as their official veterinarian.

    He let a sweet young Borzoi die an agaonizing death, because he couldn’t be bothered to take an xray.

  4. Denise Says:

    Several years ago there was a local vet who, to support his drug habit, would tell folks there was something terribly wrong with their dog and would need to be euthanized (he didn’t with the dogs the folks decided to leave). Found out much later he would infact euthanize the animal if they were going to want to bring their pet home. He also had an unmarked white van that would patrol the county and pick up any dog they could. I saw this first hand when the van was on our rural road and the guy was calling to the dogs in my neighbors yard (they were off to work). I stopped and was going to ask what he was doing but he sped off before I could get out of the car. It makes me wonder how many other veterinary (especially emergency ones) do this to make extra cash? How would you know where the body of your pet (dead or heavily sedated) was going? Someone would have to stake out the office and verify remains were actually leaving and in the number of euthanizations for the day/week/month…

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